Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Say hello to my SOS beauty-kit : Sephora new skin-care cosmetics range.
I would have never thought of buying into it as I have been a long-term beauty junkie of luxury creams, with friends and my Mum working in the beauty industry.
But having a closer look at them, i just thought ... if the products look good, why not trying them?

Well ... testing them is adopting them.
I was seriously in need of some anti-dry skin booster type kind of products, aka winter-friendly.
And these 2 favourites came to the rescue :  day cream 'crème légère très hydratante' + sérum 'ré-hydratant énergisant'.

See for yourself, but these products tick a lot of boxes in my not so easy to fulfill standards:

1) Works. Works. Works.
2) No parabens. 
3) No sulfates. 
4) No expensive price-tag (have a look over HERE)
5) Sephora professionals packaging type : chic, minimal with a few punchy colours.

Feel-good products indeed!

In these pictures, I am showing the 2 creams above mentioned, the scrub+mask double cream, the scrubbing body cream (sugar) and few goodies for bubble bath, scent is lemon meringue. 

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