Wednesday, March 6, 2013



@Céline :  particularly liked the over-the-knees boots styled with oversized coats.
Clever translation of the intercrossed-sleeves conceptual detailing (Comme des inspired) onto everyday wearable, desirable pieces.


@Loewe: I know we've seen a lot of pencil skirts with a side slit on the runway ... but I think Loewe coined it the best!
Especially pairing it with a street-couture leather poncho of Saharienne inspo.


@Saint-Laurent: Here, thank you very much but i didn't like the motorcycling boots at all.
That said,  I quite like the idea of wearing a silky or lacey dress with a check shirt... but with a pair of heels or sneakers for me please.
Perhaps too few codes from YSL as we know the brand, but undeniably capturing a 90's new grunge attitude.


@StellaMccartney: I'm always longing for Stella's cashmere luxurious tracksuits, and here she didn't disappoint.
I didn't find the shoes exciting either...but could easily picture the look with Gianvitto Rossi's stilettos or let's say Nike sneakers.
I'm turning ballistic about the 2nd silhouette, feminine yet relaxed attitude. The blouse has something of YSL - such a Mr Lova Lova piece!

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